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May 2, 2016

I have been using another Outlook/Android sync program for several years. It was the software equivalent of a Yugo. Among other drawbacks the phone had to be hard wired to the computer to sync. Technical support was nonexistent. Fortunately when Android 6.X.X was installed on the phone the computer and the phone would no longer connect. I say fortunately, because this led me to look for another sync program and that led me to Sync2. It?s like moving from the previously mentioned Yugo to a self-driving car. My primary interest is keeping calendar items on my laptop and my Android phone in sync. Sync2 does this automatically with no need for any action on my part. I have gone from having to periodically plug the phone into the computer and hope for a successful synchronization to keying a new appointment into my calendar and almost instantly finding it into the calendar program on the other device. I haven?t set it up to sync with any other computers or mobile devices, but I?m sure I?ll get around to that eventually. I highly recommend this program. Oh, and did I mention that sales and tech support are excellent?


Sep 10, 2015

Sync2, absolutely, the best software for Outlook and Google sync that I have found. On the edge of pricey, but other than that is just great. I’m very happy with it! Customer support on chat fantastic., USA

Feb 3, 2015

Sync2 is the perfect software to synchronize your MS Outlook data with Gmail. Before, I sometimes had bad experiences with my personal appointments interfering with business appointments. With the help of Sync2, all events are synchronized on both sides. This is really useful and also very easy to use. I recommend this product without hesitation.

JM, France

Sept 7, 2014

I upgraded the software in August 2014 and it works great. Even better then original one. I would sometimes work one way from phone to laptop or vice versa, but this time I set up many tests and documented the source.. all worked.. very pleased now. More then before. Customer service is very nice, as well.

David, New Zealand

June 6, 2014

The Sync2 works great with Outlook 2013. Your tech department is a credit to your company. I will recommend your product when given the chance to my friends and coworkers. The only change that I miss using iCloud vs Sync2 is being able to set multiple reminders for the same calendar event. When your company can find a way to get this to work with Microsoft Exchange, they will indeed have the perfect program! I want to thank your tech reps for all the help they offered months back.

Joe, USA

Mar 27, 2014

Very good customer service. Sales and support representatives worked side by side to help me installing Sync2 to my small business IT environment. We are very happy about this software.

George, USA

Mar 17, 2014

Tad was the support staff that helped us resolve our issue with Sync2 today and Tad went ABOVE AND BEYOND our expectations! He was knowledgeable, friendly, fast and efficient and was able to log on to each of our machines to help resolve the issue with our file mapping for where our contacts were being stored. He was super quick, super smart and extremely thorough. He even made sure our profiles were set up correctly and that all duplicates were removed after he had fixed the problem on each of our machines. Our office already was a fan of Sync2, but after our experience today with Tad's tech support, we are COMPLETELY SOLD on your service. GREAT JOB to Tad! Thank you so much!

Michael, USA

Feb 10, 2014

Your product seems to work fine, it syncs my computer with my smart phone and that is what I wanted it to do. It does this all automatically. Thank you!

John W., USA

Dec 23, 2013

Sync2 is great. It made it possible to sync Outlook tasks between my home and work computers. It was easy to setup and just works.

Brian G., USA

Sept 9, 2013

What a great product - Sync2. When you deal with numerous contacts and information, trying to keep them all in sync used to be a real headache. Not anymore with Sync2. A great product that does exactly what it says. Keeps everything in sync between your phone and Microsoft Outlook. And the customer and technical support are both great and courteous. I highly recommend Sync2.

Ricky B., USA

Aug 27, 2013

I have been using Sync2 for 1 week and I am impressed. Syncs better than the Google Sync that I was using previously. I highly recommend it for everyone who needs their data to be easily synced on multiple devices.

Paul M., USA

Aug 19, 2013

I have been using Sync2 x64 with Outlook 2013 x64 and it has been a great product overall. It is one of the few products I've used to sync Outlook Contacts and Calendar with Gmail and Google Calendar that didn't keep popping up Outlook's PST access security message.

Shazam A., USA

May 9, 2013

It's by mile the best synchronization tool for Microsoft Outlook. Want to sync between PCs - done, between Google services like Calendar, Contacts or Tasks Lists - done. Their support via Chat is brilliant, not to mention it's free with free trial and 1 year after purchase. Upgrades also free for one year. If you really into syncing go ahead download and install it. With this level of support this is best buy.

Tom S. Haynes, USA

Sept 13, 2012

I've started using Sync2 after i got a new smartphone and now i always keep my outlook and phone updated! it's great to have access to all my updated events and tasks without having to make the changes both on my computer and smartphone! also helps to have all contacts available to me all the time. great application! i highly recommend it to anyone who uses outlook and has a mobile phone.

Andrew B., USA

Mar 9, 2012

Not only is it a great Sync tool, but the technical support is awsome. Using a Windows Hebrew version, i could not make regular Sync work. A patient, professional, systems expert help me (worked remotely on my PC for 40 minutes!), solve any issues and the Sync worked fine. Thank you for a great product and service!

Eli Reisner, USA

Feb 10, 2011

Since switching from Blackberry to Android (Samsung T-Mobile Vibrant 2.1), I've had issues with syncing. Sync2 solved the problem.

Everett Whitson, Israel

Feb 10, 2011

I have tried many solutions to synchronize my Outlook 2010 with Google. Sync2 is the ONLY program i have found that does this task properly. And I like their knowledgeable support.

Ralph Holzman, Germany

Feb 5, 2011

Worked like a charm. Really simple to use, I managed to setup synchronization by myself and it really works. Syncs my Outlook with Gmail automatically so I could have the latest information on both my PC and my Android phone.

Hans K. Delacruz, USA

Feb 5, 2011

Friend of mine advised me to try Sync2 for my home-based office. We have 3 PC's - Outlook 2003,Outlook 2007 and my personal with latest Office 2010 32 bit edition. I was afraid if Sync2 could deal with such enviroment. Using Sync2 i configured 3 sycnhronization profiles - through USB, network and with Google. Tad from program's support team helped me a little bit at the beginning. Since then I had no problems what so ever.

Gary S. West, UK

Jan 20, 2011

Great tool! It backed up my Outlook; synced information between desktop and laptop and updated my Google Calendar and Contacts at the same time.

Jason Denning, USA
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Customer Testimonials
Great tool! It backed up my Outlook; synced information between desktop and laptop and updated my Google Calendar and Contacts at the same time. "
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