Limited time offer! New 2.75 Update of Sync2 is out now. Do not miss your chance to get this new and improved version.


The ShareO, ShareCalendar, ShareContacts 3.00 beta version is now available

The upgrade includes the following new features: new easy-to-use sharing wizard improved performance (important for Outloo...


SendLater 2.12 update fix for Exchange accounts

Issues Fixed

  • Issue with Exchange type profiles when e-mails generated by SendLater would stay in Outbox and would not be sent
  • Más

    Send2 important update published

    Changes: German and French language support added. Product was translated and fully tested with German and Fre...


    Sendlater software upgraded

    SendLater ver. 2.11.0713 In general, this update now provides functionality to use standard Outlook sending feature (functionality that wa...


    Sync2PST version 1.10 was recently released on our website.

    Changes: Read/Unread Status Synchronization. Now when read/unread status of item is changed, this change is also s...


    Update of Sync2 is available for downloading

    Bugs Fixed Google Sync profile would not allow to connect to Google Apps Calendar account Sync2 ...


    Sync2 software with Google sync updated

    Changes: Meeting attendees and their attendance status are now synchronized. The lists of attendees, as well as their ...


    Sync2PST - a new pst files synchronization tool was released

    Main Features: Synchronize Microsoft Outlook on multiple PCs (e.g.: Desktop and Laptop) via a shared PST file or sync your machines di...


    Important Sync2 update with Google Calendare sync feature

    Changes: Synchronize multiple Outlook Calendars folders with the Google Calendar™ calendaring service. For m...


    ShareO / ShareCalendar / ShareContacts important update for Outlook 2007

    In this build issue with Outlook 2007 “freeze” solved.


    SyncWiz version 2.02.0021 was recently published on our website

    In this version the problem with calendar events import into Windows Vista Calendar is fixed.


    Easy2Add Updated To 1.01 (Location Recognition)

    The following updates were implemented: Location recognition added. Now you can write the location after "at" or "in" and it will be autom...


    ShareO / ShareCalendar / ShareContacts version 2.98 were recently published on our website.

    Issues Fixed: Free/Busy sharing wouldn’t work, update e-mails with the Free/Busy file being ignored by the application...


    New update of Email Responder available for downloading

    Bugs Fixed Replies/forwards do not work for e-mails with empty subjects Replies/forwards do no...


    New updated version of SyncWiz available

    Bugfix: Manual import from a network location would not work Files could not be selected in the Import dialog when ...


    Sync2 ver. 1.51.0744 was recently released on our website.

    Bugs Fixed: Crash in some scenarios during synchronization of Contacts, Calendar or Tasks type folders on Windows ...


    new Sync2 version 1.50 (Exchange Support, Spanish Language) Released

    Changes: Support of Exchange folders added. Now Exchange Mailbox and Public Folders can be synchronized w...


    Reply With Templates version 1.11 Released

    Major Enhancements: Attachments used in the template were received by recipients with a strange long file name c...


    ShareO / ShareCalendar / ShareContacts were recently released on our website

    Changes: Spanish language support added. Now Spanish speaking users can select the Spanish language. Product...


    New version of ShareO,ShareCalendar, ShareContacts released

    Changes: French language support added. Now French speaking users can select the French language.  The Product was...

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