Version History

August 8, 20222.92Major Update

The update fixes an issue where instant sync would not work on the application.

Issue Fixes:

  • When using a Google profile, instant synchronization that starts synchronization as soon as certain number of changes is made in Microsoft Outlook would not work.

March 30, 20222.91Major Update

The update fixes a couple of issues that were found by customers and by our Team. The issues fixed in this update are mostly related to Google Contacts synchronization.

Bug Fixes:

  • Contacts would not sync from Microsoft Outlook to Google if one-way sync was enabled (either way) on Sync2
  • Extra symbols could be seen in the Google contacts' "Notes" field on iPhone/iPad when contacts are synchronized using Sync2
  • In certain scenarios, the wrong application bit version would be installed

October 12, 20212.90.2947Major Update

The hotfix includes a lot of fixed issues, which were reported by customers and/or us! Most update' fixes are related to updated Google Contacts API change (People API).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where sync would be repeated twice when doing first synchronization.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had multiple labels (large number) on Google Contacts, sync would not work.
  • Fixed an issue where large items in sync would prevent synchronization from progressing.
  • Fixed an issue where if contact contained email without corresponding SMTP address, they would not synchronize.
  • Fixed an issue where contacts with certain non-ASCII symbols in label or email address would not sync properly.
  • Fixed an issue where in certain scenarios contacts would duplicate after several synchronizations.
  • Fake photos automatically generated by Google will not be included in synchronization.
  • Disabled sync of custom label "Starred in Android" when syncing a Google account.
  • Enabled display of current sync progress.

September 13, 20212.90.2933Major Update

The main purpose for the update is that we updated from Google Contacts API (that is being deprecated) to Google People API.

Technical Changes:

  • Updated from Google Contacts API to Google People API. Users will not have to re-authorize their Google accounts to use the new Google People API.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the “Report a problem” dialog would appear when quitting the application.
  • Fixed an issue where when Google authorization request is canceled, text informing that authorization was successful is displayed.
  • An additional warning was added to UI to prevent running multiple sync applications at the same time.
  • UX/UI fixes.

January 15, 20212.88Major Update

Changed how a new Google source is added for synchronization. Default browser will be used to login and grant permission to synchronize calendar/contacts and tasks instead of logging in within the application.

November 10, 20202.87.2874Major Update

Hotfix for an issue that was introduced during last update.

Issues Fixed:

  • Sync would get stuck with Google login screen opening in the background. This would happen if PC would go to sleep mode often and/or if wireless connection is used.

October 27, 20202.87.2863Major Update

The update introduces a lot of bug fixes!

Issues Fixed:

  • Sync would get stuck with Google login screen opening in the background. This would happen if PC would go to sleep mode often and/or if wireless connection is used.
  • Contacts would not synchronize on certain Google accounts.
  • "Folder Backup" was removed as suggested companion from application UI.
  • EULA during installation was updated with the correct trial period. Year was updated as well.
  • If a synchronization profile with Google account existed and user configured synchronization using Sync2 Companion, application would show Google account login screen every time it is started.

July 23, 20202.86Major Update

The update includes a couple of bug fixes.

Issues Fixed:

  • Contacts would be duplicated when synchronizing Google with Microsoft Outlook on some Google accounts.
  • Default phone numbers on Android device would stop being default after Google account synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Synchronization would fail when synchronizing Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook data file that does not have default folders.
  • When event is changed from all-day to specific time, it would not synchronize properly back to Microsoft Outlook.

May 26, 20202.85Major Update

The update is more stable with certain latest Microsoft Outlook updates.

April 28, 20202.84Major Update

The hotfix resolves the issue where application would not start when the recent Microsoft Outlook update 2003 or 2004 would be installed.

February 28, 20202.83Major Update

The update features change due to recent shutdown of 4Team Sharing Service.

Functional Changes:

  • Option to sync Outlook data via 4Team Sharing Service was removed from new profile wizard.
  • Synchronization ID is no longer supported on the application. When new profile wizard is finished, Sync ID will not be provided . Option to enter Sync ID during new account wizard was also removed.

Issues Fixed:

  • Occasionally Google Tasks would fail to synchronize.

November 5, 20192.82Major Update

The update features a couple of fixes for Google tasks synchronization and more!

Issues Fixed:

  • Google task type profiles would not synchronize automatically in some scenarios.
  • In some occasions Google tasks would appear as failed to be synchronized.

July 25, 20192.81Major Update

The update includes bug fixes and UI Improvements.

Issues Fixed:

  • In some cases Google Calendar events would synchronize to Outlook incorrectly.
  • User Interface improvements on higher DPI screens.

July 5, 20192.80Major Update

This update includes several functional fixes related to first synchronization logic.

March 5, 20192.79Major Update

Now Sync2 works smoothly with Outlook 2019 and Office 365.

Updated Sync2 compatibility with Outlook 2019 and Office 365. Update includes improved performance based on customers reports

October 3, 20182.78Major Update

The updated version of Sync2 will synchronize calendar events and tasks even with the latest 2018 Windows October Update.

September 19, 20182.77Major Update

The update includes improved product installation process and first start user experience.

May 8, 20182.76Major Update

Several important fixes have been made in this version, including fix for the issue with Google two-step verification login in case mobile phone was used.

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Issues:

  • Unable to pass Google login step in wizard when using Google two-step verification via mobile phone.
  • While submitting “Report a problem” data application would crash or would become unresponsive in some cases.
  • Application would crash in some cases when trying to change folder for Google Tasks in case folder with empty name existed in IMAP type storage file.

January 17, 20182.75Major Update

This update includes several fixes of the problems reported by our customers, including the issue with the latest Windows 10 versions when Sync2 was appearing automatically on the screen during Windows startup.


October 20, 20172.74Major Update

Sync2 has been updated to version 2.74. The new version includes a bunch of issues fixed and improved performance of the software.

May 11, 20172.73Major Update

This version introduces the new synchronization scenarios with iCloud and Office 365 / Exchange in the wizard, offering Sync2 Cloud and SyncGene solutions. It also includes several bug fixes.

Functional Updates

  • New synchronization wizard steps have been added for iCloud and Office 365 / Exchange synchronization cases, offering Sync2 Cloud and SyncGene solutions.

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Issues:

  • The Microsoft Outlook is not required to be closed now during the installation.
  • The “Display As” field in Outlook contact is now filled with the Full Name and Email instead of just Email Address, when synchronizing contact from Google Contacts.
  • Non-working old download links to the Outlook Folder Backup product have been corrected.

November 22, 20162.72Major Update

This update includes improvements related to Sync2 main dialog and a number of issues fixed.

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Issues:

  • In some scenarios Windows desktop would be locked during Sync2 startup due to some incorrect size parameters of Sync2 main dialog

May 25, 20162.70Major Update

The update includes simplified Sync2 activation, Google synchronization improvements and a number of issues fixed.


March 14, 20162.65.2679Major Update

This update includes fix related to latest Google login script errors, it also contains some technical updates.

Issues Fixed:

  • In some cases, script errors were shown on Google Login page when configuring Google profiles, preventing from logging in to Google account.

October 28, 20152.64.2674Major Update

This update brings full support for the latest Microsoft Outlook 2016, and includes some important bug fixes.

Functional Updates:

  • Supports Microsoft Outlook 2016. The product was fully tested on Outlook 2016 and related issues were fixed with all synchronization profiles.

Issues Fixed:

  • In case synchronization with Google Contacts would take more than 1 hour in total (due to a large number of contacts), remaining contacts would fail to synchronize during the first synchronization.
  • Some crashes have been eliminated when synchronizing IMAP account folders.
  • The issue when product would not start and / or when any synchronization profile would constantly fail to start synchronization on some non-English systems due to incorrect Unicode support in some parts of code - fixed.
  • A contact in Google removed from one of Google Groups would automatically appear back in the same group again after synchronization, and the category would not be removed from that contact in Outlook.
  • The default Google Calendar in some cases was incorrectly suggested to be synchronized as a sub-folder of the default Outlook Calendar, when setting up synchronization using advanced wizard settings default Google Calendar appeared not the first calendar in the list.
  • Application could not be started with Italian language selected during installation.

September 10, 20152.63.2662Major Update

This version includes Google Login dialog functionality improvement. “Recommend” and “Activate” buttons were added to the main toolbar, and some other issues fixed.

Functional Updates:

  • Google Login dialog functionality improved. Now there’s an additional explanation text on the top of the dialog. Also, some additional improvements have been made for scenarios when internet connection is unavailable.
  • Support of Windows 10. The product was fully tested on the latest Windows 10 edition.

Issues Fixed:

  • Emails from Outlook to recipients whose contacts were synchronized from Google by default were sent in “plain text” format, causing recipient to review the email with incorrect formatting, and meeting requests to be unrecognized by Outlook.
  • The instant synchronization option was automatically disabled once synchronization schedule settings were changed to manual, then back to automatic.
  • When application trial period ended, the application would crash in some cases when trying to open the application main dialog from Windows notification tray icon.
  • Automatic check for product update would disable itself in case the “Check for updates now” option was clicked in the product “About” dialog.

April 22, 20152.62.2638Major Update

This version includes Google Contacts synchronization improvements, including better support of custom named fields and other languages.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fields with custom type names in Google Contacts were in some cases removed from Google after synchronization with Outlook.
  • In some scenarios Google Contacts synchronization would fail on some contacts and would not continue to sync.
  • Issue when phone numbers from Google Contacts would have strange symbols instead of spaces in Outlook after synchronization has been fixed.
  • Google Contacts synchronization would fail in some cases when there was a contact with all empty fields in Outlook.
  • The issue when synchronization would constantly fail on systems with 64-bit Outlook has been fixed.
  • In some scenarios when configuring new Google Calendar synchronization main Google Calendar was suggested to be linked and synchronized into new sub-folder in Outlook instead of default Calendar folder.
  • In some cases last occurrence of calendar recurrent event was not synchronized with Google Calendar.
  • The issue with contact birthday date synchronization has been resolved.
  • Issue when in some cases incorrect Windows version was logged into the error log file has been fixed.

December 17, 20142.61.2616Major Update

This version includes Google Calendar synchronization fixes found after the previous release, and also some other fixes related to Google synchronization in general.

Issues Fixed:

  • By default meetings in Outlook are synchronized as regular events into Google Calendar again (functionality that was lost after the 2.60 release).
  • In some cases recurrent meeting updates were not synchronized into Google Calendar.
  • Occurrences modified separately in recurrent event in Google were not synchronized to Outlook Calendar in some scenarios.
  • When start time of event created in Google Calendar after conversion to UTC time was equal to 12am, in some cases appointment was not seen in Outlook Calendar.
  • Outlook Calendars containing specific symbols in their names could not be added to Google Calendar synchronization profile.
  • In some cases non-default Google Calendar was incorrectly shown as default one in Sync2 advanced settings wizard step.
  • In some scenarios it was not possible to add back the same calendar folder after it has been excluded from Google Calendar synchronization profile.
  • In case Google account access for already existing synchronization profile has been denied for any reason, permissions to access the account will be asked again during the synchronization attempt. Applies to all Google synchronization profiles.

November 21, 20142.60.2602Major Update

This version includes regained functionality of Google Calendar synchronization.

Due to changes in Google Calendar API on November 17th Sync2 users have been encountering issues related to Google Calendar synchronization. The issue has been fixed with this version. We highly recommend that all users with the Google Calendar profile download and install the 2.60 version to avoid any further issues.

September 3, 20142.50.2574Major Update

This new version includes many improvements with backup functionality when using Folder Backup for Outlook, new synchronization filters by date and new icons in the main dialog. We also addressed some major crash issues when synchronizing IMAP accounts on Outlook 2013.

Functional Updates:

  • Additional filters by date added. Now you can choose larger period of time when filtering items by date for synchronization.
  • Integration with Folder Backup for Outlook improved. Functionality of Folder Backup has been improved to have more seamless integration, some notifications disabled.
  • New icons have been added to the main dialog and in Windows notification area.

Issues Fixed:

  • A number of crashes when synchronizing Outlook 2013 IMAP account type have been identified and fixed.
  • Duplicate management is enabled back for IMAP accounts.
  • In some scenarios Google Tasks one-way synchronization was not working properly leading to different synchronization results.
  • In some cases updated Outlook contacts that did not have photos in them were not synchronized into Google Contacts.
  • Application would fail to start after Folder Backup for Outlook was removed.
  • When Folder Backup was enabled manually from Profile Settings, it would not be performed during the next synchronization in some scenarios.
  • Issues with synchronization of recurring calendar events when filters by date were used have been fixed.
  • Attendees removed from Google Calendar event were not removed from Outlook meeting in some scenarios.
  • Instant synchronization would not work on another computer if the profile was added via Sync ID.
  • Now when Google Calendar or Google Tasks list is removed in Google, synchronization status will be shown as “Failed” and the ability to re-assign the list is provided.
  • Some minor text errors in different languages corrected.

June 23, 20142.41.2438Minor Update

This update addresses issues with Google Contacts synchronization.

Due to the unexpected and undocumented changes in the Google Contacts API, new contacts were constantly duplicating after each synchronization and some of the major fields would not synchronize at all (such as emails addresses, phones, etc.).

January 28, 20142.41.2434Major Update

This update introduces instant synchronization of updates made in Outlook, an automatic backup of Calendar and Contacts folders before synchronization (supported by the free version of 4Team Folders Backup for Outlook), the ability to select / deselect sub-folders with one click of the button, and many fixes.

Functional Updates:

  • Instant synchronization added. Now you can enable instant synchronization - once you change something in Outlook, and want it to be synchronized immediately.
  • Automatic backup before synchronization. With the 4Team Folders Backup for Outlook free edition Calendar and Contacts folders are backed up automatically before synchronization occurs, leaving you an option to always revert back to the folder’s original state in case you don’t like the synchronization results.
  • Select / deselect sub-folders for synchronization. New buttons have been added to the “Data Folders and Filters” dialog to allow selecting /deselecting of sub-folders for synchronization with one simple click.
  • Italian language has been added.

Issues Fixed:

  • Google synchronization profile was starting to crash constantly after some time due to local database file corruption.
  • A new folder added for synchronization in one way Google synchronization profile would be synchronized both ways anyway.
  • Synchronization of the profile would go in a loop in some cases when the synchronization schedule was set to “Monthly” or “Yearly”.
  • The filter by week in Calendar is now using the first week day setting from Windows Calendar date settings.
  • Appointments in Outlook with reminders set to more than 4 weeks were not synchronized with Google Calendar.
  • The ability to choose Google calendars with the “free/busy” only access is removed, as those events cannot be synchronized or supported.
  • Several issues related to synchronization of recurrent events with Google Calendar were fixed.
  • In some scenarios it was possible to set synchronization of the same Outlook Calendar folder with multiple Google Calendars, what might possibly lead to further synchronization issues.
  • In some scenarios, when using an Exchange account in Outlook a number of contacts would be updated constantly each time synchronization was performed with Google Contacts.
  • Contact photos were not synchronized correctly in some scenarios with Google Contacts.
  • Contact notes were duplicating and the text was sometimes corrupted when merging Outlook and Google Contact information during the first synchronization.
  • The problem with crashing when changing Google Tasks profile synchronization filters has been fixed.
  • Tasks deleted in Google were not completely deleted in Outlook after synchronization, but remain in the Deleted Items folder.
  • The “Favorites” folder from Public Folders could be selected for synchronization, leading to the application crash during the synchronization process.

September 26, 20132.32.1876Major Update

This update addresses some issues including the problem with Outlook 2013 64-bit edition installed with Click-to-Run delivery method.

Issues Fixed:

  • Application would not run correctly on systems with Outlook 2013 64-bit edition installed with Click-to-Run delivery method.
  • In some scenarios, an e-mail address from Exchange contact would appear incorrectly in Google Contacts after synchronization.
  • A canceled meeting was not removed from Google Calendar during synchronization.
  • Deleted tasks from Google were moved into the Deleted Items folder after synchronization, but not deleted permanently.
  • Incorrect start and end synchronization time was sometimes recorded in the Synchronization History dialog.
  • In some cases it was possible to create several Google synchronization profiles for the same Google account.
  • In some cases a specific error was registered in the application error log file each time the application exited.

May 21, 20132.31.1867Minor Update

This update addresses several issues, including issues with Google Calendar synchronization.

Issues Fixed:
  • In some cases folders of incorrect type - mail instead of other type - were created on another computer.
  • When synchronization filters by date were used in the Google Calendar synchronization profile, recurrent events with the first event occurring outside the configured filter would not synchronize at all. Now such recurrent events are synchronized regardless of synchronization filters.
  • In some scenarios meetings were not synchronized to Google Calendar due to Google limitations. Now by default meetings are synchronized with Google as regular appointments, avoiding this limitation.
  • In some cases an error would be registered in the log file when exiting application with no configured synchronization profiles.

April 24, 20132.30.1861Major Update

This update introduces new functionality – synchronization with Google Tasks. It also contains many bug fixes.

Functional Updates:
  • Google Tasks synchronization added. Now you can synchronize your Outlook Tasks with Google Tasks and vice versa.
  • Improved login to Google services. New Google login to services system is used to set up Google synchronization profiles.
  • Support of Windows 8 and Outlook 2013 added. A number of issues were fixed in this update to correctly support the latest Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Outlook 2013 editions.
Issues Fixed:
  • By default events are not filtered now when creating Google Calendar synchronization profile.
  • The last event from the recurring event created in Google Calendar was not synchronized with Outlook Calendar.
  • If Google Calendar list was removed from synchronization, it was impossible to assign it back to Outlook Calendar.
  • In some cases Google Contact groups would appear duplicated in Google after synchronization.
  • The “File As” contact field was not synchronized from Outlook to Google Contacts in some scenarios.
  • The “Job Title” contact field, when deleted in Outlook, was not deleted in Google Contacts.
  • In some scenarios the \\Root - Mailbox\IPM_SUBTREE folder was created in Outlook.
  • In some cases the application would crash on Windows XP during synchronization using the 4Team Sharing Service profile.
  • In some scenarios an incorrect data file name and folder structure were created on the 2nd computer being added to the synchronization profile on Windows XP.
  • The application always crashed when trying to set up any profile with Outlook 2013 64-bit edition.
  • The Outlook categories selection dialog in synchronization filters would show incorrect symbols on categories written in different languages.
  • When opening the “Data Folders and Filters” dialog from the right-click menu on the folder in the main dialog, a new Outlook folder could not be added.
  • Last synchronized date was not shown for Google synchronization profiles in the main application dialog.
  • There was “Res.Miss!” text instead of “Password” in the 4Team Sharing Profile wizard on the step where 4Team Sharing Service password should be provided.
  • In some cases the “Sync Selected Profile” button in the “Sync Report” dialog would start synchronization of the first profile in the list, not the selected one.
  • In some cases when a profile is selected from the right-click menu “Synchronize Now” on icon in Windows notification area, an incorrect profile would start synchronization instead.
  • Minor text issues fixed on non-English versions.

April 17, 20122.20.1312Major Update

This new version offers one-way synchronization with Google Calendar and Contacts. A number of issues were also fixed in this build related to Google services synchronization, as well as an issue with backup folder becoming a default Outlook folder.

Functional Updates:
  • One-Way Google Synchronization. Now you can choose one-way synchronization – from Google to Outlook only or vice versa – by choosing the appropriate way in the advanced wizard step.

Issues Fixed:

  • The backup folder created during synchronization when duplicates were detected would sometimes become a default Outlook folder causing various issues.
  • Primary phone numbers from Google Contacts were not synchronized with Outlook contacts.
  • Google contacts would fail to sync at some point if Windows temporary folder contains a large number of files.
  • The advanced options checkbox would disappear from the wizard interface when returning from previous steps.
  • Contacts synchronized with Outlook from Google did not contain detailed name information ("Check Full Name" dialog).
  • Contacts synchronized with Outlook would have email addresses created as non-SMTP type entries.
  • On some systems, when using multiple Windows user accounts, the application would crash during startup on the "language" module.
  • It was impossible to set up synchronization with Google account if a password contained specific symbols, such as apostrophe, asterisk, etc.
  • Only the previous week calendar items were synchronized by the application if the private items synchronization filter was selected for Google Calendar synchronization.
  • The application would crash during Google Contacts synchronization on some specific contacts.
  • "File As" remained old after synchronization when the name was updated in Google Contacts.

June 22, 20112.11.1262Minor Update

This update addresses several crash issues with Google Calendar synchronization encountered in the previous 2.10 release, also includes other minor fixes.

Issues Fixed:
  • Crash during synchronization with Google Calendar on some systems when Time Zone settings cannot be retrieved correctly from system.
  • Crash during synchronization with Google Calendar in some cases when a meeting request item was encountered in Outlook Calendar folder.
  • Crash during synchronization with Google Calendar in some cases when recurring events have many exceptions in the recurrence pattern.
  • Meeting with attendee containing apostrophe in an e-mail or name would not be synchronized with Google Calendar.
  • Inability to create synchronization profile with Google if the Google account password contains specific symbols, such as percentage, and many others.
  • The language selection form would crash on some systems with Outlook 64-bit edition preventing from setting another language for the application interface.
  • The Contacts "File As" field in Outlook was incorrectly updated in some cases when synchronizing with Google Contacts.
  • Inability to create synchronization profile with Google on Windows 2000.

May 11, 20112.10.1254Major Update

This update addresses many Google Calendar synchronization issues, including issues with recurrent events. Also, the version for Outlook 2010 64-bit edition of the product now supports synchronization with version for other Outlook editions.

Functional Updates:
  • Improved recurrent events synchronization with Google Calendar.
  • Synchronization using 4Team FTP Sharing Service or Custom FTP is now fully supported between the version for Outlook 2010 64-bit edition and the version for other Outlook editions.

Issues Fixed:

  • In some scenarios all day event deleted in Outlook calendar would remain after synchronization in Google Calendar.
  • After meeting the event attendees list is modified in Outlook, the guest list would become empty in Google event after synchronization in some scenarios.
  • Multi-day event dates and times would not synchronize correctly with Google Calendar in some scenarios.
  • If an event is moved from one Outlook calendar to another, and both calendar folders are synchronized with Google Calendars, such move would not be reflected in Google.
  • Outlook meetings in the Exchange type profile would not synchronize with Google Calendar if the attendees list was not resolved correctly.
  • Synchronization of Google Contacts would constantly fail on one contact entry in some scenarios and would prevent other contacts from being synchronized.
  • When connecting a new PC to an already existing USB or Network profile, the synchronization scheduling would always be set to "Manual", regardless of the profile settings.
  • Installation of new application version would crash if the  "About", dialog of the currently installed product version remained open on the screen during installation.

February 28, 20112.00.1131Minor Update

Issues Fixed:
  • Google Contacts synchronization would fail if more than 2 duplicates are found in Outlook contacts.
  • Installation is now updated to run correctly for all Windows user profiles.

February 19, 20112.00.1130Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • New Synchronization Setup Wizard. Set up synchronization quickly and easily with the new wizard. Just answer several simple questions, and synchronization is already set up for the standard Outlook folders. If you want to choose settings manually, just select the checkbox for advanced users.
  • Synchronization ID Service. Now you don't need to remember the exact location of your profile in order to set up your synchronization with several computers on the network. Just write down the Synchronization ID provided by the new wizard, enter it on all other computers, and you are ready for synchronization. (Not applicable when setting up synchronization with Google services)
  • "How to sync with another PC" tab. Brief instructions on how to configure synchronization with the selected profile on other computers are now provided in the synchronization profile settings dialog.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit edition is now supported.
Issues Fixed
General Synchronization Issues:
  • Synchronization profile in FTP Sharing service would start to report failure during each synchronization attempt in some cases due to conf.xml file corruption.
  • The same folder setup for synchronization on both computers in the same synchronization profile would lead to such folder duplicate entry in the main dialog after synchronization.
  • The application would crash in some cases when trying to exit the application during the synchronization process.
  • In some cases an incorrect folder synchronization status would be shown on the main dialog.
  • The application would crash when setting synchronization filters by date for calendar and leaving an empty selection there.
  • The application would crash when opening the filters dialog if a new category was previously added to synchronization filters for that folder on the other computer.
Issues with Google Synchronization Profiles:
  • The application would crash in some synchronization scenarios during the synchronization process of Google Calendar profile.
  • "Other Contacts" entries from Google Contacts were synchronized. Now such contacts are ignored by default.
  • Contacts would duplicate in Google Contacts after synchronization if a previously synchronized folder was removed from Google Contacts synchronization profile, and then re-added.
  • In some cases event reminders were synchronized incorrectly with Google Calendar.
  • The application would crash in some scenarios when synchronizing Google calendars with names containing non-English letters.
  • Shared Google calendar with full access rights was detected as "read-only" calendar in some scenarios when adding such calendar to Google Calendar synchronization profile. This lead to further synchronization issues.
  • In some scenarios Google Calendar recurring events with the exact "end date" set in recurrence pattern would synchronize with Outlook calendar as recurrent appointment without the "end date".
  • In some scenarios an appointment with monthly recurrence pattern would create the duplicate event for the next day in Google calendar.
  • A changed Google account password was not applied to the profile that would lead to synchronization failures.
  • Authentication errors were reported when entering a Google account password that contains specific symbols.
  • Addresses were shown without spaces or with some symbols in the Business Card View of the contacts folder that was synchronized with Google Contacts.
Interface Issues:
  • It was possible to remove all folders from the synchronization profile in the main dialog using the "Remove" action in folders context menu.
  • Outlook Calendar folders under the "Deleted Items" folder are now hidden in the wizard and "Data Folders and Filters" dialog to avoid setting them up for synchronization.
  • As of this version, the "Favorites" Public folder from Exchange cannot be selected in "Settings" -> "Data Folders and Filters", as its synchronization is not supported.
  • Ascending / descending ordering in the "Synchronization history" report would mix up when switching the "Time period" view.
  • The field to enter another password in the "Change Password" dialog was not active by default.
  • The "Choose Outlook folder" dialog would not close when clicking on the standard "Close" button at the upper right-hand corner.
Other Issues
  • The application would start with Windows logon even when such option was disabled.
  • The "welcome" e-mail subject text was corrected in the French version.

May 13, 20101.90.1000Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • New duplicates prevention system. Now you don't have to manually choose what to do when duplicates are found. The software will do it for you. Using the improved algorithm of duplicates detection and auto-merging rules, most of your duplicate items will be detected during the initial synchronization and appropriately handled without any additional questions. Items that can't be merged automatically, are placed into a special "Conflicts" folder for you to review and decide later what to do with them. Original items are backed up after merging in case you don't like the merge results and want to restore your original item.
  • Support of SSL with Google Calendar and Contacts added. Now synchronization applies the SSL protocol to communicate with Google services.
  • Ability to clear or reset synchronization filters for all synchronized folders added. Now you can clear synchronization filters or reset them to default values for all folders that are synchronized in the profile, such options are now available from the "Actions" menu for a selected synchronization profile.
  • Ability to set up synchronization filters by category on Outlook 2007 added.
  • Synchronization filter by label is not shown in filter settings dialog for Outlook 2007 now, as labels are not supported.
  • Minor menu updates. Several updates were applied to the main dialog menu for more convenient and logical access of its features.
  • The "Options" dialog has been removed from the application.
Issues Fixed:
  • Memory leak would appear on some systems during synchronization of the network profile
  • Google events with empty titles were not synchronized with the Outlook folder
  • Appointments in Outlook would appear with incorrect end time (with several minutes difference), when a non-default "pop-up" reminder is set in a Google event
  • Event notes were not synchronized with Outlook appointments in some cases
  • Sometimes, the range of recurrence setting of events would change in an Outlook appointment during synchronization with Google Calendar
  • All events would be deleted from Google Calendar when Outlook folder assigned for synchronization with this Google Calendar was deleted
  • In some scenarios the last occurrence of the recurrent event synchronized from Outlook to Google Calendar were not seen in Google Calendar
  • Contact pictures added on iPhone and synchronized with Outlook contacts using iTunes would not appear in Google Contacts
  • Sometimes, several instances of Outlook contact folder would appear in Google Contacts profile, as a result causing other synchronization issues
  • Several instances of the same calendar could be added in Google Calendar profile resulting in the "Failed" status on one of the calendars
  • First synchronization attempt of any profile would always fail after the computer goes back from the "sleep" or "hibernate" mode
  • When folders from different root Personal Folders with identical names were synchronized, they would be synchronized with incorrect Personal Folders on other computers
  • Outlook folder would remain unchecked in the profile settings dialog after assigning Google Calendar folder to it
  • The Profile could not be created in some cases if specific characters were used in the profile name
  • The Application would crash in various scenarios if the profile name with numbers only or with specific characters was created and used
  • The Application would crash on creation of a new 4Team Sharing Service profile if there's not enough free space available
  • It was impossible to create a 4Team Sharing Service account when e-mail contained specific characters
  • The Application would crash when trying to close the custom FTP settings dialog with the "Close" icon
  • It was possible to connect the same computer to the same Custom FTP profile multiple times
  • In some scenarios it was possible to connect a new computer to the FTP profile, that was already marked for deletion from another computer
  • It was possible to create several network synchronization profiles with the identical names on the same computer
  • It was possible to create a new USB or network synchronization profile without selecting any Outlook folders for synchronization
  • The Application would crash on exit when the new profile creation wizard or Settings dialog is open
  • After profile deletion, the application would still try starting it's synchronization according to schedule that was configured there
  • In some cases, a previously removed Outlook folder from 4Team FTP Sharing Service profile could not be re-added
  • If a profile folder was completely deleted on location, the synchronization attempt of such profile would result in constant "Synchronizing" status until the application is restarted
  • The "Settings" dialog cannot be accessed when the current profile synchronization is in progress
  • The Application would not show any interface when trying to open it using shortcuts if during the Windows startup it fails to load for some reason.

February 11, 20101.87.0965Major Update

Issues Fixed:
  • Application would not start in some cases due to failed backup of the profiles configuration file
  • Synchronization profiles would disappear in some cases if application exited during synchronization process
  • "Personal Folders" root folder, if marked for synchronization, would be shown as unnamed folder in the main interface

January 20, 20101.86.0960Minor Update

Issues Fixed:
  • Incorrect menu titles on the main interface
  • Outlook folders with non-latin characters were not shown correctly in setting dialogs
  • New synchronization profile after fresh installation on a new computer could not be created
  • In some cases event notes from Google Calendar would not synchronize into Outlook 2007 appointments

January 18, 20101.86.0958Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • FTP Sharing Service synchronization performance improved.  FTP sharing service performance, when many updates are being synchronized, has been improved.
  • Outlook 2010 Beta support. The product was tested with the latest Outlook 2010 Beta version.
Issues Fixed:
  • Sync2 would start and the "Please make outlook default message client" error message would appear when starting Sync2 on some systems
  • When connecting a new computer to already existing FTP Sharing Service of Custom FTP synchronization profile, in some cases the folder items would be synchronized without the latest updates in that profile
  • Synchronization would fail if the Outlook contacts folder was changed to another folder in Google Contacts synchronization profile
  • The "Finish" button in the FTP Sharing Service profile creation wizard could be clicked several times that lead to multiple identical profiles
  • Some fields in the FTP Sharing Service profile creation wizard were not active by default
  • The new synchronization profile wizard would crash in some cases when filling information into the fields
  • In the "Synchronization Schedule" settings, when selecting "Weekly" auto-synchronization schedule checkboxes with weekdays were all unchecked by default
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version older than 1.70
  • The trial will be extended if the previous version is older than 1.80

December 23, 20091.85.0950Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • Support of new Google Contact fields added. Now all additional contact fields, such as "Nickname", "Birthday", "Anniversary", "Website", "Person", are synchronized.
  • Support of Windows 7. Product was tested on Windows 7.
  • No limitation on synchronization profile quantity in the trial version. Now you can test several synchronization profile types at once during the trial period of the product.
Issues Fixed:
  • In some cases the application would crash during Google Calendar synchronization
  • Text inside the contact notes in Outlook would sometimes appear without paragraphs after having been synchronized from Google Contacts
  • In some cases the contact notes text would duplicate during the contact data merge in Google Contacts
  • The "Stop" button would not stop the synchronization process in some cases
  • If Google synchronization profile is removed, and then created again for the same Google account, Outlook folders in the list would duplicate in the main interface with the "Failed" status on some of them
  • Synchronization profile could not be created if "Computer name" contained "/" character
  • The Application would not start in some cases if its Data folder is at the remote location (mapped network drive, for instance)
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version older than 1.70
  • The trial will be extended if the previous version is older than 1.80

October 5, 20091.84.0935Major Update

Bugs Fixed:
  • Contact photos were not synchronized with Google Contacts in 1.83 release
  • German text was missing on some dialogs in Google profile creation wizard

September 23, 20091.83.0932Major Update

This update in general is a maintenance update that fixes many issues encountere in Google synchronization profiles.

Bugs Fixed:
  • In some cases, appointments synchronized with Google Calendar would appear in the same incorrect date in Outlook
  • If in Google Calendar there was a calendar event with the start or end date before 1970, the synchronization would fail
  • If a contact was modified in Outlook, after synchronization into Google duplicate phone entries would appear in some cases
  • Some symbols from Google Contacts fields were synchronized into Outlook incorrectly, they were converted to HTML symbol codes
  • In the Google synchronization profile creation wizard, the Exchange Public Folders were not available for selection (grayed out)
  • In some cases the Google Calendar profile creation wizard would crash when selecting an advanced wizard step
  • In the Google Calendar profile, the main calendar could be assigned to several different Outlook folders
  • In the Google Calendar wizard, in the Filters dialog, the folder name was not shown in some cases
  • Sync2 would not run correctly on Microsoft Vista 64-bit due to some component registration problems if installed with the option "for current user only"
  • Custom FTP profile creation wizard would proceed to the next step even if the FTP settings were incorrect
  • In the profile creation wizard, if "Enter" or some other buttons are pressed, in some cases an empty wizard dialog would appear
  • In the profile creation wizard, if some specific buttons are pressed, in some cases the wizard would crash
  • On non-English Outlook versions, the "Browse" dialog in Sync2 would show Outlook folder names in English.

Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 1.70 or older. The trial will be extended if the previous version is older than 1.80.

June 30, 20091.81.0921Major Update

This important update only fixes problems related to 4Team Sharing Service and FTP Custom profiles. So it’s not necessary to install this update if a customer doesn’t use these profile types.

Bugs Fixed:
  • In some cases synchronization updates would not be synchronized correctly with 4Team Sharing Service the connection timeout occurs during synchronization process
  • If the Internet connection lost or unavailable when Sync2 was already running, in some cases all further attempts to start synchronization of Custom FTP or 4Team Sharing Service profile would fail unless Sync2 was restarted

Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 1.51 or older

June 9, 20091.80.0917Major Update

This update adds the Google Contacts synchronization functionality. It also addresses many issues encountered with FTP synchronization, and some old bugs regarding categories and appointment labels filtering.

  • Synchronization with Google Contacts is now supported. You can now synchronize your Outlook Contacts with Google Contacts. Just select the "Google Contacts" synchronization type when creating the synchronization profile, enter your Google Login information and select the folder you wish to be in sync with Google Contacts.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Synchronization would not work with some custom FTP servers that do not support MLST command
  • The Profile could not be created if the Windows user name contains some specific symbols (non-ASCII)
  • In synchronization filters only one first category was used in the filtering rules
  • Appointments with the label "Important" were not excluded from synchronization, if such exclusion was set up in synchronization filters
  • The 4Team FTP Service password could not be changed from Sync2 Profile Settings
  • Application would crash when trying to remove the 4Team FTP Service profile with an expired account
  • A Custom FTP profile could not be created if the provided FTP location contains folders with restricted access
  • A Custom FTP profile could not be created if after FTP login location was changed automatically by FTP server
  • The Application would crash in some cases during a custom FTP connection test
  • When data conflict occurred, the item would always be replaced by the Google Calendar item version, regardless of the option selected in the “Data Conflicts" tab in Profile Settings
  • All day events synchronized from Outlook appeared in Google Calendar without the "All day event" status
  • In some cases recurrent events synchronized from Google Calendar to Outlook would appear as non-recurrent events, and refer to an incorrect date in Outlook Calendar folder
  • A Mail type folder would be created instead of calendar folder during synchronization of Google Calendar, if the previously synchronized calendar folder was deleted from Outlook
  • No right-click menu was available on appointments in Outlook created during synchronization with Google Calendar
  • In the detailed conflict resolution form all fields for nbsp;comparison were shown as "Other" fields
  • The Application would crash when trying to view the list of computers during the synchronization process

Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 1.51 or older

Starting from this build Outlook 2000 is not supported by this version

December 9, 20081.70.0833Major Update

This update in general significantly improves the FTP synchronization functionality. A completely re-developed the folder first synchronization - one file is now used to compress and upload all data to the FTP location, which dramatically increases the speed of first synchronization for folders with large number of items. 4Team FTP Sharing Service was added for "quick start". It allows to synchronize folders via the Internet. Many issues were fixed in this update, related to duplicate management, FTP synchronization and application general stability.

  • 4Team FTP Sharing Service added. You can now use our FTP Sharing Service without having to set up your own FTP server. Just create your FTP Sharing Service account using your e-mail address and password, and start synchronizing your Outlook folders.
  • Improved FTP synchronization speed. The updated synchronization algorithm allows you to start synchronization of your Outlook folders through FTP and our FTP Sharing Service significantly faster.
  • Improved duplicate search process. Now duplicates are only detected between arrived and already existing items in Outlook.
  • Faster process of application start-up and profiles loading. Now Sync2 loads profiles faster, and shows splash screen while loading.

Bugs Fixed:

  • It was not possible to select a folder and adjust its synchronization filters in the advanced section of the new profile creation wizard
  • A newly created Contacts type folder in Outlook was not visible in Outlook Address Book
  • The "Keep local item" option is now suggested by default in the duplicate notification form instead of "Replace Local item", allowing to keep the local copy of the item without updating it
  • When more than 1 duplicate is detected, the "Apply for all duplicates" checkbox was disabled, and the duplicate notification form would be shown many times for each duplicate pair
  • Appointments were shown with an incorrect time in Google Calendar for some specific time zone regions
  • When synchronizing Google Calendar with Outlook 2000, appointments with empty fields would appear
  • Sync2 would not start completely, or synchronization would not work correctly on Windows user accounts, when Sync2 was installed on the other user account on the current computer
  • When several items are marked with flags, not all flags would appear on other computers for these items
  • On some Windows Vista systems if Sync2 was already running, clicking on Sync2 shortcut would run another instance of the program instead of opening the current Sync2 main window
  • Sync2 synchronization would fail, and/or folders would not be shown in profile settings, if there's a manual logon to an Exchange profile. Now, the logon form will be displayed during each attempt to synchronize this profile or show a folder structure
  • Synchronization would fail, if PST file was moved to another location
  • The drop-down list with folder association types in the new Google Calendar profile wizard was shown incorrectly on Windows 2000 systems
  • The currently selected folder path was shown with numbers in the "Create New Folder" dialog
  • Sometimes the Sync2 process would not close during the installation of a new Sync2 version
  • The "Stop" button is now disabled for FTP profiles, because synchronization with FTP locations currently doesn't support cancellation

Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 1.25 or older

August 22, 20081.62.0774Major Update

  • Meeting attendees and their attendance status are now synchronized. The lists of attendees, as well as their attendance status, are now correctly synchronized in Outlook and Google.
Bugs Fixed:
  • A meeting would duplicate, if it is synchronized with Google, though the invitation from Google was received in the same Outlook Calendar for this meeting
  • The Sync2 versions 1.60 and 1.61 would not start on Windows 2000, with a corresponding error message
  • Sync2 would not allow creating a Google Calendar Sync profile if Exchange folders were configured in Outlook
  • On some systems Sync2 would crash during the first start when the "Enter" button is pressed in the first window asking to provide a computer name

Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 1.25 or older

August 12, 20081.61.0771Major Update

  • German, French and Spanish languages are now added to the Google Calendar Sync profile creation wizard and Google profile settings window.

Bugs Fixed

  • "Authentication Failed" would occur in Google Calendar Sync profile wizard, if older password type (less than 8 symbols) was used to log in to Google Calendar account
  • Sync2 would go to "Not responding" state for several minutes if synchronization with Google started when connection with Google Service was not available
  • Main Sync2 window would not open if it was running in the background and was called using shortcuts from the Desktop or Start Programs menu
  • In some cases the status of folders would be left as "Preparing Items..." when general profile synchronization fails
  • On some systems the synchronization would start, but no folders and/or folder status would be shown, and it would not end
  • On some systems Sync2 would crash during start ("memory leak" issue)

July 28, 20081.60.0765Major Update

  • Synchronize multiple Outlook Calendars folders with the Google Calendar calendaring service. For more about Sync2 for Outlook software with Google Calendar sync click here.
  • Additional folder synchronization status added - "Preparing items". It informs that the list of items to be synchronized in this folder is being created.
Bugs Fixed:
  • The issue when a folder deleted from Outlook would receive the "failed" status has been fixed. Now it is automatically recreated in Outlook.
  • When removing folders from synchronization profile, some other folders would disappear from the list until Sync2 is restarted.
  • Synchronization would constantly fail if PST file location is changed.
  • On some systems the synchronized folder list would not show any folders, and synchronization would not start correctly due to missing  the Sync2PS.dll file.
  • Other minor improvements in error reporting logs.

April 2, 20081.51.0744Minor Update

Bugs Fixed:
  • Crash in some scenarios during synchronization of Contacts, Calendar or Tasks type folders on Windows Vista

March 25, 20081.50.0742Major Update

  • Support of Exchange folders added. Now Exchange Mailbox and Public Folders can be synchronized with other PCs.
  • Spanish language support added. The product was fully tested with Spanish edition of Windows and Outlook.
Bugs Fixed:
  • When large number of folders were added to  a synchronization profile, the  synchronization process would stop unexpectedly and data would not be synchronized
  • When duplicates were detected, if the checkbox "Apply for all"  had been selected for the folder,  the user would get another notification about duplicates in the same folder anyway in some cases. Now the duplicate detection functionality  has been improved to avoid  these  issues.
  • In  the Conflict Resolution window,  if " Current item on your PC" was selected,  the  item would be updated anyway
  • In  the "Settings " window,  on the "Data Folders and Filters" tab, the folder tree  would not show all currently selected folders by default ( the tree branches with sub-folders were closed)
  • In some cases,  when clicking on the  "Stop" button during synchronization, it would stop the synchronization process, but would remain  depressed.
  • The buttons "Mark All Folders" and "Clear All Folders"  on  the  "Data Folders and Filters" tab  appeared without any text on some systems  The FTP profile location path was  shown without the root profile folder in some cases

February 20, 20081.41.0732Major Update

  • German and French language support added. The Product was fully tested with German and French editions of Windows and Outlook.
  • Default Outlook folders synchronization between different language systems is now correctly supported
  • Shortcut has been added to the Windows "Start -> Programs" menu with the ability to select product language
Bugs Fixed:
  • In some cases items would be deleted in Outlook on some of the synchronized PCs if they are filtered according to sync filters
  • The Root folder on a disk could not be selected in the new sync profile creation wizard
  • The New folder button could not be used to create a new folder in the root FTP folder when selecting an FTP profile location in the new sync profile creation wizard
  • On PCs connected to an already existing profile, its path in Profile Settings would be shown incorrectly
  • The system would crash when resolving conflicts in the detailed conflict resolution form
  • In some cases, the folder that was removed from the synchronization profile would unexpectedly appear again after synchronization on another PC
  • Several issues fixed that occurred after a folder was removed from the synchronization profile, and then added back again
  • The system would crash on Windows Vista when searching for duplicates during synchronization
  • The Synchronization schedule pattern selected in wizard would not be applied when connecting a new PC to the already existing sync profile
  • Some other unexpected crashes that occurred during synchronization have been fixed
  • Some issues with specific items that would not synchronize have been resolved.

November 10, 20071.40.0702Major Update

  • New Improved Wizard. A new profile creation wizard has been developed. You can now set up synchronization on several computers more easily. The step-by-step wizard will guide you through the start-up process, help you choose the required path and automatically detect and suggest available profiles.
  • Report Details Added. You can now view details of an unsuccessful synchronization attempt in the "Report" window by clicking the "Details" button
Fixed issues:
  • Error in wizard in some cases when trying to use Sync2 on the Windows limited access user accounts
  • Folder appeared with "Failed" synchronization status when it was deleted from Outlook by user before removing it from synchronization profile. Now folder is automatically restored in Outlook during synchronization
  • When all folders are removed from synchronization profile, profile status would become "Synchronizing" during synchronization and would not change

September 14, 20071.31.0682Major Update

Fixed issues:
  • When moving an item from one synchronized folder to another, the item would disappear from both machines after several synchronization processes
  • Report a problem form was not submitting the general error log file
  • After Sync2 crash it was impossible to submit the problem report due to error when clicking on Report a problem
  • rashed in some cases during processing of received updates (access violation exception during synchronization)
    NOTE: This is an important update that should be suggested for all users who have already installed 1.30 build

August 24, 20071.30.0670Major Update

  • Folders List now displays full path to the folders instead of folder names
  • Folders List right click Menu. The right click menu has been added to the folder list. It is possible to open the folder settings dialog or remove the folder from the menu or remove selected folder.
  • Master categories list is extracted from Microsoft Outlook and synchronized.
  • Columns sizes can now be saved in the Folder List, Profiles List and Synchronization History.
  • Sync2 support for several FTP profiles has been improved
  • Numerous changes have been made to make the interface more responsive.
  • Sync2 uses less CPU resources during synchronization
  • The bug report doesn't use Microsoft Outlook and works on Windows Vista and Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Numerous bugs fixed.

July 25, 20071.25.0637Major Update

  • Improved updates detection algorithm now allows to prepare data for synchronization several times faster
  • Crash during synchronization due to incorrect file names created in synchronization location
  • Crash during synchronization in kernel32.dll or msmapi32.dll
  • After deletion of one of the profiles, list of folders shows folders from another profile in some cases
  • Icon in tray shows "failed" status when synchronization of all profiles is not finished yet, but one of the profiles returned "Failed to synchronize" status

June 19, 20071.20.0634Major Update

  • An improved FTP synchronization. The synchronization algorithm has been improved, and now it works much faster and more reliable.
  • An improved "Test Connection" for FTP locations. Now, before trying to synchronize your data using an FTP location, you can test it and make sure that you have sufficient access rights for synchronization tasks.
  • An improved changes search algorithm. The Outlook folders updates are now gathered several times faster.
  • An improved crash problem reporting system. Now, if Sync2 experiences any crashes, a special crash reporting form appears that allows you to send the crash problem details to our developers, providing them with the information to make future releases more reliable.
  • E-mails would be deleted in some cases on both computers if they were moved from one folder to another
  • The FTP location profile creation wizard would freeze for a long period of time after the "Finish" button was pressed in the last wizard step
  • The filter settings description text on some folders would contain the "(res. miss!)" text on the "Data Folders and Filters" tab
  • In some filter settings empty values would be allowed for selection
  • When opening the e-mail folder filters, the "last week" filter would appear in the list box instead of the default "last 3 days"
  • When answering "No" to the warning question about deletion of a profile the synchronization location of which is unavailable at the moment, sometimes it would still be deleted from the list
  • The Link "Buy Online" in the "Start Menu" shortcuts was incorrect

May 11, 20072.73Major Update

This version introduces the new synchronization scenarios with iCloud and Office 365 / Exchange in the wizard, offering Sync2 Cloud and SyncGene solutions. It also includes several bug fixes.

Functional Updates

  • New synchronization wizard steps have been added for iCloud and Office 365 / Exchange synchronization cases, offering Sync2 Cloud and SyncGene solutions.

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Issues:

  • The Microsoft Outlook is not required to be closed now during the installation.
  • The “Display As” field in Outlook contact is now filled with the Full Name and Email instead of just Email Address, when synchronizing contact from Google Contacts.
  • Non-working old download links to the Outlook Folder Backup product have been corrected.

May 11, 20072.73Major Update

This version introduces the new synchronization scenarios with iCloud and Office 365 / Exchange in the wizard, offering Sync2 Cloud and SyncGene solutions. It also includes several bug fixes.

Functional Updates

  • New synchronization wizard steps have been added for iCloud and Office 365 / Exchange synchronization cases, offering Sync2 Cloud and SyncGene solutions.

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Issues:

  • The Microsoft Outlook is not required to be closed now during the installation.
  • The “Display As” field in Outlook contact is now filled with the Full Name and Email instead of just Email Address, when synchronizing contact from Google Contacts.
  • Non-working old download links to the Outlook Folder Backup product have been corrected.

May 7, 20071.11.0611Major Update

  • Unable to select network folders on Windows 2000 and Vista using "Browse" button
  • When changing "Show All Storage Folders" checkbox, selection of folders reverts back to default folders in wizard
  • After removing another PC from FTP profile, it still remains in profile
  • In some cases re-synchronization would not work on FTP profile
  • Incorrect network folder path was allowed for selection in profile selection wizard in some cases
  • If incorrect location was selected in profile creation wizard, in some cases crash would appear when clicking "Finish" in wizard

May 2, 20071.10.0608Major Update

  • Crashes in some cases during synchronization of deletions of items
  • Help file updated

April 29, 20071.10.0607Major Update

  • "Read"/"Unread" status synchronization is now supported. You can now synchronize your e-mail and see if you've already read the message or not. An additional option allows you to enable "read"/"unread" status synchronization for selected Outlook folders.
  • Ability to synchronize folders from any Outlook data file is added.  You can now  synchronize not only your default Personal Folders, but any folders you like from other Outlook data files. Just check the "Show All Storage Folders" checkbox in Folder Settings, and add folders for synchronization from any data file you need.
  • Additional filters for e-mail folders are added. Now, you can choose to sync messages for the last 3 days only, or for the last 2 weeks.
  • Full Support for Windows Vista and Office 2007
  • Activation problem with Windows Vista
  • Some issues when Sync2 would turn to "Not responding" for a considerable period of time during synchronization
  • Errors when trying to set up synchronization using an FTP location
  • Folders in the synchronization profile would duplicate in some cases in the main view
  • 2 instances of Sync2  would start in some cases when Windows starts
  • In some cases Sync2 would start with Windows even if checkbox "Automatically run Sync2 when I log on to Windows" was unchecked
  • "Skip" button in conflicts resolution form would update local item anyway
  • "Open New Item" and "Open Local Item" buttons were "mixed up" in duplicate management form and would open local item instead of new and vice versa

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