Sync Google Tasks with Outlook Tasks.

Microsoft Outlook and Google Tasks sync solution. Google Sync alternative.

Sync2 is the best alternative to the Google Apps Sync tool, with features what previously was only available for Google apps enterprise customers. Now in addition to Contacts and Calendars synchronization and features that you get with Google ended Google Sync, with Sync2 you will be able to sync Google Tasks with Outlook tasks folders. Sync2 delivers great value and flexibility with features that you probably lacked on the Google Sync tool, such as:

  • Synchronization of multiple Outlook tasks folders and subfolders and Google Tasks lists ;
  • Sync of Outlook Tasks Categories;
  • Synchronize Microsoft Outlook Tasks between PCs without the Exchange server
  • Tasks synchronization when Microsoft Outlook is closed.

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Synchronization of tasks subfolders and Google Tasks lists with folder's mapping.

Sync2 Google Task sync to Outlook tasks features folder mapping. It allows the user to establish synchronization between chosen Microsoft Outlook Tasks folders and Google tasks Lists. The user is able to set up a connection between Microsoft Outlook folders and Google Task Lists to store data in the right location, convenient for the user.

Sync Outlook with Google Tasks

Multiple Google Accounts synchronization support. Synchronization profiles

Sync2 allows its users to create as many synchronization profiles as needed. It is important in order to sync and share Microsoft Outlook Tasks folders with different Google accounts and users. Individual synchronization settings can be adjusted for each synchronization profile (Sync ID), so the same folder can be shared as many times as needed with a different set of filters and sync schedules. Custom settings that are best suiting each synchronization case can be added to each synchronization profile.

Synchronize Microsoft Outlook Tasks folders between PCs via Google Tasks.

Sync2 makes it simple to synchronize Outlook tasks folders between PCs via the free Google Tasks service. Install Sync2 on all PCs where you want to sync Outlook Tasks using the same Google Gmail Account, and your to-do lists will always be in sync. With Sync2, you also have the ability to synchronize Outlook Tasks without Google services via LAN, USB Drive, or other external memory devices.

Microsoft Outlook Categories sync and filters.

Sync2 synchronization filters enable the users to specify what data is to be synced. It allows excluding personal or private items. With synchronization filters you can exclude or include tasks categories that the user wants to sync with other users.

One-way and two-way Microsoft Outlook sync with Google Tasks.

Google tasks can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook Tasks folders in the form of one-way or two-way synchronization. Two-way synchronization transfers changes made on both Google and Outlook. Choosing one-way Google Tasks with Outlook sync the user will need to set up the sync direction: from Google to Outlook or from Microsoft Outlook to Google. This feature is perfect for users, who are looking for a way to keep their personal tasks intact or share the Task folder with their colleagues, but do not want to get changes transferred to their Microsoft Outlook or Google.

Sync Google Tasks even when Microsoft Outlook is closed. Always in sync.

Sync2 works in the background, which makes the synchronization process absolutely invisible. As Sync2 works directly with MAPI, it does not need Microsoft Outlook to be running - synchronization runs even if it is off (closed). Your data is always up to date and in sync, and when you open Outlook, all Google Tasks changes you have made will be there already. If a synchronization schedule is set up, the process will start automatically, or can be also started manually. Sync2 does not interfere with any other software or the user’s work.

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