Samsung Galaxy Note 3 synchronization with Outlook.

Simple Samsung Galaxy Note 3 synchronization with Outlook via Google.

Samsung Note 3 synchronization with Microsoft Outlook data now is an easy task using Sync2 app. The software allows to sync Outlook with Note 3 Android phone in a convenient way - via Google services. The only requirement for your data synchronization with Sync2 is to have a Google account. When synchronizing Outlook data with Google services, any data changes in your Outlook (important meeting update, appointment cancellation or new contact information) will be transferred to your Android device within minutes.
A user can freely apply a great number of synchronization options and features, available with Sync2:

  • Select a one-way or two-way synchronization direction to transfer data in a preferable way, from Outlook to Google or vice versa;
  • Schedule automatic synchronization or start manual synchronization at any time without opening Outlook;
  • Transfer only the latest changes with event-based synchronization. No need to carry the whole PST file. Sync2 will detect and transfer only the latest changes made.
Sync2 allows you to sync Galaxy Note 3 in a prompt and convenient manner. Start Samsung Note 3 Outlook sync with Sync2 and get free support services from us. Our professional support team is always ready to assist you when technical help is needed.

Samsung Galaxy Note sync with Outlook

How to synchronize Galaxy Note 3 with Outlook with Sync2?

Start synchronizing Galaxy Note 3 with Outlook data by setting up the Sync2 synchronization profile. Apply your synchronization preferences through several Sync2 wizard steps. After the synchronization setup is complete, Sync2 will synchronize your data in the background without any interruptions.
Now, make sure that the synchronized Outlook data will appear on your device, by configuring the phone settings to allow synchronization with your Google account.

Learn how to sync Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Outlook by following the steps below:
  1. Install Sync2 on your computer. Download here.
  2. Launch Sync2.
  3. Set a synchronization profile with your Google data. Learn how.
    The synchronization will start automatically once you finish the synchronization setup wizard.
  4. After that, you just need to adjust your phone settings to allow synchronization with your Google account:
    • To do this, go to "Settings";
    • Select your Gmail account to reveal the account’s synchronization settings screen;
    • Under your Gmail account, choose what to sync: “Sync Contacts” or “Sync Calendar”;
    • Click “Sync Now”.
    Now your phone will be synchronized along with your Gmail account.

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